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Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica weather is usually awesome, tropical, warm and humid. When you plan your Costa Rica vacation travel, be sure to bring clothes for hot dry climates and cool wet weather.

The weather in Costa Rica is always perfect! When it rains it clears the dust and feeds the forest. When it's dry and hot the lizards bliss. And you never know when it will be rain or sun. In fact in the same day you can experience the coldest wettest winter day and the hottest sun baked summer day of all the year. On the same day. Anywhere in Costa Rica. The beauty of the weather in Costa Rica. Unpredictable and always awesome.

Costa Rica has two weather seasons, wet and dry. Due to the micro cilmates your weather will vary greatly depending on where you are in Costa Rica. On the north shore or Lake Arenal the town of Nuevo Arenal receives around 250 annual inches of rain fall, while just across the lake on the south shore at Tilawa Water Sports Center the rainfall is about half that or 140 inches.

The next time you are in Costa Rica and ask about the weather you will always hear the same response, "the weather is always perfect in Costa Rica."