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Costa Rica Health Information

Costa Rica offers one of the best public health services in all of central America. Enrollment in Caja Costaricense is almost mandatory for anyone who hires employees. By law, all employees in Costa Rica must be covered by the Social Security system (Caja) however many employers simply ignore the law and save the money, usually about 30% of the salary amount. Nowadays, if you want to build a house, in order to get your building permit in Costa Rica, you are required to show that you have paid the health benefits insurance for all employees.

Private health care in Costa Rica is also of good quality compared to Nicaragua and other central American countries. While it's true that a visit to hospitals anywhere in the world is a high risk proposition, you have a good chance of surviving your hospital experience in one of the many world class hospital facilities in the central valley of Costa Rica. SIMA is the newest and considered the best of all private hospitals. Located in Escazu, just west of San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica, SIMA is both extensive and expensive. If you require US Style cut burn and poison hospital care, you can find these here in Costa Rica.

However, if you are more enlightened, you can also find excellent homeopathic and naturopathic doctors in Costa Rica. I fancy the old style brujos myself. These so called witch doctors know and understand the uses of local herbs and are familiar with the various parasites that cause 99% of all diseases in the tropics. You may have heard about the interest world wide in Noni, a tropical fruit that grows well in Costa Rica. Noni is now being used by modern man to treat cancers. In researching the historical use of Noni, I discovered that for thousands of years Noni has been used primarily to kill parasites worms and bacterias which cause the body distress and disease. Is it then no wonder that The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1926 was given to Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger for proving that some cancer was caused by parasitic worms? Unfortunately, the Nobel Prize web site no longer publishes his speech in English where he describes transplanting worms from cancerous rats into healthy rats who then became cancerous. Does someone not want you to know the truth about the cause of cancer?

Travelers to Costa Rica are curious as to what precautions should be taken, that is, should vaccines or injections be taken before arrival in Costa Rica? Most medical experts state that no shots are required but if you are heading to the Limon area you might consider taking the antimalarial pills.

What diseases are epidemic in Costa Rica today? AIDS is in almost 1% of the population but seems not to be growing quickly. The real nasty disease is Dengue which is found in many parts of the country and is continuing to spread and cause great distress in those that contract this painful malady. Dengue is spread from human host to human victim by the bite of a mosquito. May 2012 - a recent report in la Nacion stated that dengue has been brought under control and is no longer a big problem. That is good news as your reporter suffered from dengue in 2009 however it was not as unpleasant as the reports lead you to believe.

Measles seems to be making a come back. But the most common disease travelers to Costa Rica experience is known in Mexico as Montezuma's Revenge, or vomiting, diarrhea, headache and fever that comes on very quickly, lasts a few days, and goes away. Usually this is caused from drinking dirty water or eating dirty food but can be caused by more serious parasitic infections that require strong herbs or pharmaceuticals to treat. If you have these symptoms be sure and drink plenty of fluids and get bed rest. When you return to your home country be sure and get a full checkup telling your doctor what symptoms you experienced while traveling in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is also known for it's drug and alcohol treatment centers. If you need drug rehab, then you can save a ton of money by enjoying your rehab treatments in costa rica at a fraction of the costs that you would pay in United States or Canada. I know of several fine drug treatment centers where you will be helped to your path to recovery thru diet, exercise, meditation and a major change in lifestyle direction.

A survey of the internet, including the US Embassy in Costa Rica and the Centers for Disease Controls in the USA on August 3, 2007, revealed that recommendations for Hepatitis vaccinations and several other shots to protect the innocent from various diseases. Personally, what with the stories of mercury comprising about 50% of the material in these shots, I avoid vaccines. When the US Pharmaceutical industry provides safe injections I may then again use them, until then I do not want to become a vegetable because my brain has filled up with the toxic chemicals mandated by governments to be injected into citizens under the guise of protecting us from disease!

Costa Rica is as safe as New York or Los Angeles. Come visit Costa Rica today and leave your troubles behind.

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