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Britney Spears in Costa Rica

I never thought that I would be writing about a Disney Pop Star but the reaction in the world over Britney Spears visiting Mel Gibson ranch in Costa Rica is so powerful a motivating force that I have no choice but to comment on this event. The paparazzi are all over this beach in Guanacaste and a quick google search found a dozen clear photographs of Britney Spears enjoying the warm pacific ocean waters near Playa Samara in Central Guanacaste on the Nicoya Peninsula. And I must say she looks hot!

I do object to people riding quadracylces on the beach as this is dangerous and noisy to other folks trying to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Costa Rican beaches, but none the less, here is Britney with friends in tow riding a quad on the sand, probably to get away from all the bored housewives who have come to see what dreams are made of.

I must be old because the music by Britney is boring but with the sound off I enjoyed watching Britney Spears wiggle her flesh in the music videos.

The Goddess Britney Spears

Britney Enjoys the beach in Costa Rica at Mel Gibson's ranch

Riding Quads on beach in Costa Rica is Britney Spears and Friends

Pursued by Paparazzi Britney Spears takes a swim in Costa Rica Guanacaste ocean waters.