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Costa Rica Vacation Information

Vacationing in Costa Rica has become a tradition with tourists from around the world. Due to Costa Rica's friendly people and relaxed lifestyle, vacation relaxation is the dream that brings visitors more then the awesome beaches with year round surf, more than the museums with ancient gold art, more then the coffee farms and active volcanoes like Arenal Volcano. USA and Canada provides the bulk of tourists to this small country, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue annually, more than any other business activity. The tourism industry started out with small hotels and tour companies, but once these businesses started to make money, the mega corporations entered the scene and now are building huge all inclusive resorts and five start getaways for the working stiffs and very rich of the world.


Hotels in Costa Rica are available for the budget minded traveler to the very rich.


Pre-Colombian Gold Museum

Costa Rica National Museum

Drinking Water

Drinking water in almost all of Costa Rica is safe to drink. Water is chlorinated now in most cities and bottled water is readily available in all locations. Brushing teeth and bathing in tap water is completely safe. Not at all like Mexico where the water is dangerous to as much as get one drop in your mouth!


While Costa Rica has been relatively free of violent crime, this is changing. Since 2007 armed criminals make it a practice to attack rich targets at gun point often beating them up and even murdering them for a few dollars and electronic equipment. Police have increased in number and quality and the government of Costa Rica intends to wipe out this criminal enterprise soon. Meanwhile petty thievery is the past time of many lowlifes in this otherwise tranquil country. Be aware that items left unattended will usually disappear. Do not leave your backpack on the beach and go for a swim. Do not leave your camera on a restaurant table and go to the bathroom.


Prostitution is legal in this Catholic Country, but the prostitute must be 18 years or older to qualify as a sex therapist. Any under age prostitution is strictly illegal and buyers of minors for sexual pleasure will spend many years behind bars if caught. The age of consent for normal sexual relations is 15, so if you fall in love with a young woman and her parents adore you, no worries. Prostitutes can be found in just about every big city and popular beach towns. Many prostitutes are also petty criminals and often carry sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS in Costa Rica is about .6% of the population (June 2007). For the most part, prostitutes in costa rica choose this profession on their own. We hear about trafficing but this is not a problem that is common to Costa Rica. I have heard of some Russian criminals bringing eastern european women here for sex work against their will but the prices they are charging mean that these women only are available to the rich.

Of all the central american countries, Costa Rica is the most popular travel destination. Now that fuel prices are sky high, vacation travel is more selective, yet Costa Rica continues to see large numbers of international tourists arriving.

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